Sampson Jones Gang

 In February of 2016, the Sampson Jones Gang set out to make their most honest and organic album to date, the result, the EP Feeding Strays.  The guys decided to hold up at Sawhorse Studios for a week with their good friend Jason McEntire at the helm.  "We sat down with Jason and explained our vision on how we wanted this album to sound.  It ended up being recorded with 5 guys essentially all in the same room playing together.  There were minimal overdubs.  We knew deep down that we didn't want an over produced album.  I think we got exactly what we were shooting for." explains Josh Jones, chief songwriter and vocalist for SJG.
     Feeding Strays intertwines songs of love, loss, regret, and hard working values.  These are songs that can only be written from first hand experiences.  "We all come from very small towns, so dealing with those topics tend to be in our blood." states guitarist Dave Caughran.

A Thousand Miles From Austin is the 2014 debut album from the Illinois-­-based Sampson Jones Gang. Influenced by the Oklahoma/Texas red dirt scene, Sampson Jones Gang is making a name for themselves across the Midwest. Singer/songwriter Josh Jones says that after playing in rock bands most of his life, he was turned on to red dirt music. That music has been been described as folk, rock, country, blues, and honky tonk. "What I love about this genre is that no two artists sound exactly alike. To me, it's honest music with great lyrics," says Jones. "I went to a small town bar one night and watched a friend of mine who was playing cover songs by red dirt artists. I fell in love with so much of it. Artists like Cody Canada, Mike McClure, Micky And The Motorcars, Chris Knight, and Reckless Kelly, helped shape what we are doing and what we want as a band."

A Thousand Miles From Austin has songs about love, small town struggles, and rocky relationships. Jones is a true believer in writing about what you know. "This album has issues that I've been through, my band has been through, or people that I know have been through. Every day life." When you come out to an SJG show you will hear songs off of their album, along with some covers. You’ll hear songs that range anywhere from Cross Canadian Ragweed to George Jones. Be sure to "like" Sampson Jones Gang on facebook and check out an upcoming show!